Forum Law has valuable business experience as in-house counsel, and works with their business clients as business advisors, not legal technicians.  Forum Law takes a business-focused, practical approach to all areas of corporate law, answering client’s questions, providing their clients with proactive risk management and avoiding costly bigger legal issues.  This includes:

  • Regular updates on changes in case law, statutes, and other legal obligations that affect businesses;
  • Review of existing contracts and discussion of strengths and weaknesses, and creating a library of form business and employment agreements tailored to the business’ specific needs or industry, ensuring more predictable outcomes and minimizing litigation risk;

  •  Negotiation of contracts with vendors and clients, commercial leases, manufacturing and distribution agreements, and licensing agreements, including educating businesses with an understanding of their rights and obligations under the contracts and providing an understanding of which terms in a “boilerplate” contract can and should be negotiated;

  • Collection of debts from clients and settlement of disputes with clients, vendors, employees and others; and

  • Review of intellectual property issues and practices, making sure the business is protecting its assets, and not infringing on third party rights.


Every state has unique and complicated laws (in addition to Federal Laws) as it relates to the employee-employer relationship.  Forum Law provide its clients with proactive risk management, avoiding costly employment-related issues.  This includes:

  • Advice and counseling related to issues such as recruiting, hiring, terminations, benefits, downsizing, and employee policies;
  • Compliance with laws posing the greatest risk exposure, including to discrimination and harassment, wage and hour, employee or independent contractor classifications, and leaves of absence;
  • Employment practices audits, including hiring and firing procedures, workplace training, draft/review/revise employee handbooks, and consideration of potential liability issues that arise from improper practices in these areas;
  • Day-to-Day “what do I do?” questions, including absences, injuries and employee complaints; and
  • Advice and counseling concerning employee health insurance plans, as well as 401k plans.


Forum Law Partners enjoys helping their clients buy, sell, and form new business entities. 

Forum Law also has extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions, and the selling of a business throughout the United States.  Since its formation, Forum Law has successfully negotiated the sale of over 15 Animal Hospitals through Asset Purchase Agreements totaling almost 100 million dollars in value.  Forum’s attorneys have also participated in the acquisition of regional distribution and warehouse centers, and multiple automotive retail chain stores involving over 75 retail locations.

Forum Law can also form your new LLC, Corporation, or Partnership in any state, filing the necessary documents and drafting the appropriate shareholder or operating agreement based on your specific business.  Once the formation is complete, Forum Law will deal with all your corporate maintenance issues, including the updating of corporate minutes, review of your company’s practices for potential of piercing the corporate veil and other exposure to liability, amending and updating shareholder agreements and operating agreements, and making sure all required annual filings are completed.




Forum Law Partners LLP vigorously represents its clients in litigation, and always with an eye towards efficiently managing the litigation towards resolution, be it settlement or trial. Forum Law Partners LLP trial lawyers bring an elite reputation to the firm’s litigation practice. They represent companies, individuals, and municipalities in all matters of litigation, both plaintiff and defense. From complex disputes involving securities fraud, to unfair competition and breach of fiduciary duty, to labor and employment claims, to personal injury and insurance disputes, Forum Law Partners LLP can handle it all.

Forum Law Partners employs alternative dispute resolution strategies consistent with the clients’ objectives when appropriate, but it is equally qualified to pursue complex litigation strategies under the most adversarial of conditions.  Licensed to practice in California State and Federal Courts, Forum Law Partners LLP has significant experience in prosecuting and defending cases through trial and on to appeal.